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    restart ur router

    restart ur router
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    i further checked you were banned legit for using hacks aimbot/nospread . we have anti cheat installed and you were caught and banned for 60 mins. try to clean your .cfg files and install new version of cs this issue would be solved. There is no need to use vpn/steam id changer as you were...
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    use vpn or steam id changer to get rid of it. i cant unban for some reason. you gave a demo. next time we need 1- Time when you got ban 2- nickname/steamid 3- IP of Server/IP of Client [You] 4- Admin Name who Banned without these information we will simply deny request this is for next time...
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    [Unbanned] unbanned me

    unbanned and check
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    [Done] admin report

    his admin rights has been revoked temporary . thanks for bringing this to us.
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    have both yes.

    have both yes.
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    [ACCEPTED] Admin request!

    its paid admin
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    can you donate ? to get admin?
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    Discord ID: reddevil#6449

    Discord ID: reddevil#6449
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    i am in discord also :)

    i am in discord also :)
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    yes sure sir.

    yes sure sir.
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    [INFO] TOP 5 reasons to play Counter-strike 1.6

    Many modern gamers have long known that there is a game called Counter-strike 1.6. In this exciting game, everyone will feel like a part of the team. You can join a clan and train with it and, of course, play against other clans. Earn your reputation, show how to play Counter-strike 1.6. And let...
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    [DENIED] Admin

    #rejected. its paid.

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