[Unbanned] Got banned for no reason


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EKG Player 亗
Nov 19, 2023
You have been banned from this game server by |Mr Drogol
There are 6 days , 23 hours , 23 minutes and 37 seconds left of your ban.
Reason : aim
You can appeal your ban at emirateskings.com
Kicked : You are BANNED. Check your console
So i was playing in this server normaly ; and this admin loses was losing everyround ; then he asked for a scan ; so i give him the scan and there is it
so i am clean ; then when he saw the report he said that i use scripts and cfg , and i use another cs version (gs client); i said ok not problem , i changed the cs version and i play with warzone version then i give him another scan and i suprized with ban for a week ; i really want to tell moderators to choose admins carefully next time , i really want to get unbanned in the closet time
and thank you for reading this post ^^

#unbanned #closed
Not open for further replies.

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