[Admin Report] only kids thes admins

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EKG Player 亗
I was banned by child admins and you admin uses the power of the admin to lay down the law
ow do you recruit these admins the hell of a shit, admin JOE he must be sanctioned for what do you despise the players??
he must be punished, it's abusing and it's not his first time and you sell admins for people who don't know how to play they cheat all the time and they can't tell the difference between a good player he doesn't deserve his place as admin

banned by ADMIN JOE

DEMO ; https://gofile.io/d/p3hcma
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I understand that you're frustrated about being banned by an admin named Joe and believe that he may be abusing his powers.

To address your concerns, you should follow the appropriate channels within the platform or community where this occurred. Typically, you can do the following:

1.Contact Support: Reach out to the platform's support team or customer service. They can investigate the issue and review the actions of the admin in question.

2.Appeal the Ban: Many online communities have a process for appealing bans. Check the platform's rules and guidelines for information on how to appeal your ban.

3.Provide Evidence: When appealing, be sure to provide any evidence you have that supports your claim, such as chat logs or screenshots that show you did not violate any rules.

4.Be Respectful: Maintain a respectful and civil tone when communicating with the platform's support team. Accusations or insults are unlikely to be productive.

Remember that the specific procedures for dealing with bans and admin abuse may vary depending on the platform or community in question. It's important to follow their established procedures and guidelines to address your concerns effectively.
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