[Done] Reporting [DeviL]


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EKG Player 亗
Jun 29, 2022
i played on this server for full month then i went on a vacation and when I came back and saw this dude "DeviL" as an admin so this guy banned me for 1h for using the same name as him and i really dont know where he came from lol, he maybe played on this server more than me but i played for full month and no one said anything about my name being similar to someone, also my name is devil^^ and his is DeviL its not the same
its not really that big of a deal.

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Hi there,

first off admin Devil is not new to server and PLAYERS are not allowed to use Nicknames of admins
but as I can see, the names are not the same so there is no reason for banning you.
U have been unbanned anyways and he will be informed to not ban u because of your nick!

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