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Admin of Server
Jul 2, 2024
Member Name: Jhonatello
Admin who banned you: Ali Hasnain
In-Game Name: Jhonatello
Ban Reason: I entered the server, I didn't get to play a round, I moved to the spectators, from whom I was asked to scan wg, I explained to them that I can no longer give scan wg! because I gave 5 yesterday and those from wargood banned me because I exceeded the limit for 22 hours, including the admin; he banned me for an interim reason!, he didn't give me the chance to show him the proof that he banned me!
Server you were banned from: EMIRATES KINGS PUBLIC D_DUST2
Describe the Event:
Proof Of Innocence (DEMO):he didn't give me the opportunity to do anything, I simply got banned in the first round when I entered
heres link you scan at ban time (which i didnt get the the chance to provide because got banned before)
ps: proof //
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