Unban TGA l Take0ff ~


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Take0ff ~

EKG Player 亗
Jun 5, 2024
Member Name: Take0ff ~
Admin who banned you: LeoO # 1.
In-Game Name: TGA l Take0ff ~
Ban Reason: Cheating
Server you were banned from: EMIRATES KINGS PUBLIC D_DUST2
Describe the Event: banned because took about 10min to drop scan, i started as soon as the admin told me, but wg application couldnt connect to the server and failed to send report, so the smart me decided to try to scan again, however, the wg app told me to take a 10min cooldown, i've went back ingame and told the admin about situation and told him to wait for extra 4 min, he didnt respond and got banned before i got the chance to send the scan.
Proof Of Innocence (DEMO):
heres link you scan at ban time (which i didnt get the the chance to provide because got banned before)
and demo link since file is too large to be placed here

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