[Unbanned] another ban ?? that's crazy


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EKG Player 亗
Nov 19, 2023
You have been banned from this game server by |Mr Drogol
There are 6 days , 23 hours , 58 minutes and 22 seconds left of your ban.
Reason : aim
You can appeal your ban at emirateskings.com
Kicked : You are BANNED. Check your console.
hello moderators ,
first of all , I don't know that I have reached good level ,but i know that there is someone better and stronger than me , but if I have to lower my level a little in order not to be banned , so that means that i can't enjoy the game and my experiences .
well ; I am tired of this childish and naive behavior of this ADMIN. This time I was insulted, insulted, and banned even though I provided the scan. Although the restriction was lifted yesterday, I was banned again for the same reason. I have a recording proving the validity of my playing and how this admin insulted me in an unacceptable way As an administrator , you have to find a solution with this admin or remove it because he ban like how he want
and this admin not professional , so when he die with a head shot he ask for a scan or change the version of cs then when u give him scan he charges you for something unnecessary like why u download unistall.exe why ...; bro seriously this file installed with the original version
I hope that the moderators or owners can find solution for banning for no reason in closer time
please unban me again
and thank u for reading this post.
Admin Mr Drogol has been temporarily removed for review.
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