[Done] [Ban appeal] The french Coug #CLOSED


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Bernard LaPipe

EKG Player 亗
Jul 14, 2023
Member Name: The French Coug
Admin who banned you : ReD
In-Game Name: The French Coug
Ban Reason: Admin didn't see my scan.
Server you were banned from: Emirates Kings Public ,
Describe the Event: In game, ReD asked me a scan , i gave him 2 times. But when I try to reconnect, looks like I'm banned. Can you fixe it please?
Proof Of Innocence (DEMO):
Demo :
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WG : https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=2678198

Thank you for your time .
Yes i'm trying right now to connect and this is the result :


  • Screenshot.pdf
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ok let me know when it's okay.

I look forward to going back to your server :) i'd like to asap
this is not a demo its a video, plz upload the .dem file from ur cstrike folder
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