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Jan 28, 2018
Admin Rules:

1. Fair Play and Reputation:

  • Treat all players fairly to maintain server reputation.
  • Any action damaging the server's reputation will be punished.
2. Voting Protocol:
  • Admins must consult with each other before arranging any votes.
3. Forum Participation:
  • Regular activity on the forum is required for all admins.
4. Anti-Scan Policy:
  • Admins should not ask players for scans; consult other admins first.
  • Permanent bans reserved for cheaters with proper proof.
5. Gradual SGS Bans:
  • Players using SGS warned progressively (60mins, 300mins, 1440mins).
  • Maximum ban for not providing a Wargods scan is 2 days (2880 mins).
6. No Weapon/Item Restrictions:
  • Admins are not allowed to restrict weapons or items.
7. Admin Conduct:
  • Admins should not use commands on each other.
  • Complaints against admins should be directed to Facebook with proof.
8. Server Inactivity Rules:
  • Admins inactive for over 7 days without notice may be removed.
9. Ban Review Process:
  • Bans will only be removed by staff after reviewing proof.
10. Verification Methods:
  • Only staff can request external verification methods from players.
11. Ban Removal Timeframe:
  • Bans will be removed 24-48 hours after an Unban Request or Complaint.
12. AFK Kicking Protocol:
  • AFK kicks only in full servers; 1 kick per round if necessary.
13. Promotion Criteria:
  • Promotions based on admin activity and behavior.
14. No Admin Access Sharing:
  • Admins should not share their access with others.
15. Admin Responsibility:

  • Admins must treat players equally; adminship is a privilege.
16. Bug Handling:
  • Admins should not ban bugged players; suggest a fix or kick.
17. Server Restart Protocol:
  • Restart only after 40 rounds or when a team wins 25 rounds.
  • Avoid excessive use of "amx_cvar sv_restart."


Player Rules:

1. Cheating Policy:

  • Cheating results in a permanent ban.
2. Abusive Language Protocol:
  • Gag warnings for abusive language; ban if continued.
3. Nickname Usage:
  • Don't use admin nicknames; ban for persistent offenses.
4. Abuse Towards Admins:
  • Punishment for swear words towards admins.
5. Scripting Prohibition:
  • Strict ban on scripts; SGS not allowed.
6. Base Camping Limitation:
  • No camping in base after 1:00 time per round.
7. Absurd Requests Handling:
  • Punishment for bothering admins with absurd requests.
8. Reporting Suspects:
  • Report suspects using appropriate commands.
9. Admin Disagreement Protocol:
  • Complaints about admin decisions on the forum.
10. Bug Exploitation:
  • Exploiting bugs results in slay/kick/ban.
11. Retry Command Use:
  • Don't use retry command within first 30 seconds; warning and ban if persistent.
11. Disagreement with Admin Decision:
  • Complaints on the forum; not on the server.
11. No Threats to Admins:
  • No threats; file complaints on the forum.
11. "Monitor" Cheating Prohibition:
  • Ban for the "Monitor" cheating method.


  • Respect and fair play are key. Server rules may be updated, so stay informed.
Connect to the Emirates-KiNGS Server at:
Night Rules: Map played after 23:00 is de_dust2.
Server Rules can be modified; check regularly for updates.

Update: 30th October 2022 by Emirates-Staff
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