[Unbanned] Unban Request #closed


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EKG Player 亗
Jun 21, 2023
Member Name: qwerty

Admin who banned you: Free World

In-Game Name: qwerty

Ban Reason: I wasn't given a reason. When I asked Free World, "why", he replied to me with this "?". I didn't even get a chance to do a scan because I had to go to bed. I left the server right after I was fragged. I was unfairly banned after I left the server without any given reason.

Server you were banned from:

Describe the Event: I was in the server for a very short period of time, enough to get only 5 frags. Right before my 5th frag, I took out Free World during a face to face encounter(mid double doors). I think Free World unfairly banned me because he had a grudge against me :(

Proof Of Innocence (DEMO): Watch Free World's demo from 6/20. I usually deactivate demo recording to increase fps because my computer is old.
Every unban request without demo is getting deleted!!!
Sorry, I didn't know that. Since there's no evidence to justify the ban, can you please help me out? Give me another chance/reduce the duration of the ban? I would appreciate your help brother.
You have been unbanned already yesterday! I left the post open so u can see why your first one got deleted.
Next time for quick response of your case, always add a demo to it.

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