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EKG Player 亗
Apr 2, 2022
I have a request in relation to admins who think they know everything about everything, we customers of the EK server, when we ask for a scan near an admin he answers directly that the latter is clean while wargod is done for that. there are players who cheat and play all the time on the server and no one talks to them or tells them anything and when we ask for a scan the admins do not take our complaint into consideration. your server may well be the 1st because there is no competitor but it is full of cheats
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It sounds like you're frustrated with the admin and anti-cheat measures on the EK server, particularly because you believe there are players cheating without consequences. Dealing with issues related to cheating and admin responsiveness can be challenging in online gaming communities. Here are some steps you can take to address this situation:

1.Collect Evidence: Before reporting any player, gather concrete evidence of their cheating behavior. This could include video footage, screenshots, or any relevant in-game data that proves their wrongdoing. Having strong evidence will make your case more compelling.

2.Use the Appropriate Channels: Most gaming communities have specific channels or methods for reporting cheaters or issues with admins. Check the server's website, forums, or Discord server for information on how to report cheating or issues with admins. Follow the correct procedures to ensure your complaint is heard.

3.Be Respectful: When communicating with admins or other players, maintain a respectful and non-confrontational tone. Accusations without evidence or aggressive behavior can lead to your complaint being dismissed.

4.Engage with the Community: Try to engage with other players and community members to see if they share your concerns. Having more voices behind your complaint can add weight to the issue.

5.Seek Feedback: In a constructive manner, ask the server's administrators or moderators about their policies and procedures for handling cheating reports. They may be able to explain their process or consider improvements.

6.Consider Finding an Alternative Server: If you believe the issue persists despite your efforts, you may want to consider finding an alternative server or community that takes cheating reports more seriously.

Remember that it can be challenging for admin to determine whether a player is cheating based solely on complaints. That's why concrete evidence is crucial in these situations. Additionally, admin may be volunteers with limited time and resources, so patience and persistence can be helpful when trying to address these issues within a gaming community.
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